Sharg Ulduzu – Wine Company


“Sharg Ulduzu” LLC was awarded with ISO22000 international certificate for its modern technology and technological processes. As a result of the activity of qualified specialists working at Company, the quality of manufactured product meets international standards and the highest achievements gained in the festivals organized abroad is its clear example. Bayan Shira is considered to be one of the precious wines as a result of cultivation and wine-making technology of Company. Therefore, Bayan Shira was awarded with gold medal in international wine exhibition held in Moscow. In addition, wine Chardonnay was awarded with Grand Prix and gold medal, wine Rkatsiteli with gold medal, wines Merlot and Saperavi with silver medal, wines Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz with bronze medals. Company was awarded with a medal for high quality in the international wine exhibition held in Moscow in 2010. Saperavi was one of the top 10 wines chosen as a result of a closed tasting in the international exhibition “JETRO Foodex” held in Tokio, Japan in 2014.