Sharg Ulduzu – Wine Company


Famous companies from France and Italy took part in planting, growing and cultivating vineyards. Local grapes are also used in addition to the types of grapes used by most common and famous winemakers in Europe. Chardonnay brought from France occupies 10,5 ha, Shiraz 10 ha, Merlot 13 ha, Cabernet Sauvignon 10 ha, Petit Verdot 4 ha,   Rkatsiteli 25 ha and Saperavi 10, 5 ha brought from Georgia in the land area of 110 ha belonging to Company. Bayan Shira was planted in the remaining 27 ha land. The main advantages of these varieties are related to their resistance to diseases and less use of chemicals.

Grafting parts of each grafted foreign and local grapes are taken from the wild grape varieties. Grafting parts are chosen for each type of grape. Wild grafting parts increase the resistance of grape to phylloxera which is the most severe blight. And also, the roots of these grafting parts are resistant to drought penetrating into deeper layers of soil.

Fan and guyot forms are mostly used in pruning. The main aim in dry pruning is to plant fruit bars by closing with wire. Green operations can be conducted several times depending on the type of grape. The aim is to separate and dispose the unnecessary shoots and select and close future fruit bars.

Drip irrigation system has been installed by Israeli Company, NETAFİM in 60 ha of vineyards. The application of this irrigation system prevents the spread of pests and diseases along with equal distribution of water, and also, creates condition for the destruction of weeds. As a result, it positively affects the high quality of product.